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The day before World Rhino Day was action packed. An anti-rhino poaching demonstration was held at host school Waterberg Academy in Vaalwater. Local schools and community members were invited to attend.

There was a clear message that needed to be sent on the day: Only by working together, can we fight crime. It is possible to protect rhinos and communities when communities, private enterprise and governments work hand in hand to make a better future.

We could not have organised this event without the help and support of a few key role players: Waterberg Academy, Hi-Risk Unit, South African Police Services, West Dune Aviation and Welgevonden Environmental Awareness Programme. Have a look at the video below to see just some of the action.
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3 months ago

Save the Waterberg Rhino

It was all systems go in the Waterberg this World Rhino Day, with so many fantastic collaborative efforts coming together. The first event was on Friday 21st - an anti-rhino demonstration hosted by Waterberg Academy. The Academy supports Save The Waterberg Rhino every year and other local schools and parents were invited to attend.

The incredible team from Hi Risk Unit began by enthralling the children with an anti-hijacking and sniffer dog demonstration. This was followed by a super drill performance by the Working on Fire team. And then the big event - the anti-rhino poaching demonstration!

The audience watched enthralled as the 'poachers' tried to kill 3 rhinos on the field. But they did not succeed! The combined forces of Hi Risk and SAPS brought the poachers down. There were smoke grenades, blank ammunitions fire, snipers, and an expertly flown helicopter from which a shooter 'fired' on poachers from the air. A massive thanks to West Dune Aviation for the chopper and pilot - they were awesome!

The Hi Risk K9 units took down the last of the 'poachers' and the audience went wild!

The children swarmed onto the field after the event to meet and greet the heroes. They could talk to the teams and SAPS units, inspect the helicopter, meet some of the beautiful K9 unit dogs and handlers. All very exciting.

And to round off the morning, the learners were treated to seeing a short SAPS forensics display on the field - a bit of CSI in action.

More images and a video to follow soon - so many people are sending us their amazing footage from the day.

Stay tuned and we will post more on this event soon!
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Today is World Rhino Day. This is a day to celebrate all five species of rhino; the white & black rhino in Africa, as well as the Sumatran, Indian, and Javan rhino of Asia. It is also a day to contemplate and be aware of the rhino poaching crisis.

Since poaching began in 2008, more than 7500 rhino have been lost in Africa, nearly a third of the continent’s population. World Rhino Day was started in 2011, to help spread this critical message internationally. As the battle continues, spreading this message is as important today as ever.

A decade after the first shot was fired in this war, people might ask if it is still worth fighting. The cost of this fight against poachers is high – both in lives and money. Are rhino species that important, or would it be easier to let them go extinct? After all, there are many more species facing extinction, and there are other environmental problems to deal with.

There are lots of reasons to save rhino, but here is why I am passionate about saving the rhino. Firstly, we are losing rhino because of greed, corruption and complete disrespect for nature. Rhino numbers are not dwindling because of habitat loss, or small population size. This is a completely man-made problem. Therefore, it is our obligation to protect and save rhino, in doing so we also make a statement against greed, corruption and highlight the importance of nature.

I see rhinos as a flagship species and the effort we put in to protect rhino also spills over to protect the areas they live, the other species that live with them, as well as the communities that live near to them that survive because of the tourism and wildlife industry.

Because there are so many problems in the world, you may feel overwhelmed. You might even be thinking that you as an individual are unable to make a difference. You would be wrong.

By starting somewhere, caring about something, helping to spread the message about rhinos, you DO make a difference. I feel that making a stand for rhino, is making a stand for all species, for the natural world, and for humanity.

Please celebrate WORLD RHINO DAY any way you can.
Step up and initiate change. A journey of a lifetime starts with a single step. And step by step, together, we CAN make a difference.

If you would like to make a donation or receive more information please email me at

For World Rhino Day 2018, we are launching a fundraising campaign for an orphaned/ ambassador rhino called Metsi. We are going to bring you information on him, his history, why he will be an ambassador at the Living Museum and why this is an important role for a rhino in the fight against poaching. We are raising funds for his security to make sure he is well protected against poaching.
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