About Us

Save the Waterberg Rhino was started in November 2012 in association with the Waterberg biosphere and Stoprhinopoaching.com. We had one mission; to help raise awareness and support for the war against rhino poaching.

Save the Waterberg Rhino enjoys a close working relationship with many recognised role players, their opinion and experience proving invaluable when identifying projects and allocating funds.

Supporting Rhino owners, Private Reserves and General security in the Biosphere is a primary objective and as such, the majority of our resources are chanelled in this direction.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect and conserve rhino populations in the general Waterberg biosphere area in order to preserve the natural environment and benefit local communities through the enhancement of general security, education and sustainable social upliftment.

Our Aims


To fundraise in order to achieve the mission and all other objectives.


To enhance general security in the Waterberg, whereby rhino security and security of communities are increased.


To promote awareness locally and internationally pertaining to the rhino poaching crisis and the STWR efforts to assist with counteracting the onslaught in the Waterberg.

Social upliftment 

To facilitate employment opportunities, through rhino security and tourism, and thereby enhancing sustainable livelihoods.


To facilitate training that is in support of security, anti-poaching and rhino conservation.

Environmental education 

To support environmental education opportunities that relate to rhino protection and conservation.